Many of Us Are Anxious Before a Flight and Really Fear Flying

It is quite amazing how many people have a deep fear of flying. Personally I am one of the lucky ones and I am and always have been comfortable on an airplane. That all of this makes it very difficult to properly understand people who have a flying phobia, and why. 

Some people feel that their fear is developing suddenly from anywhere. Sometimes it can be linked to a real experience that they have been unrestrained through it. Do you have airplane phobia?

course afraid of flying

For example I have a friend who used to be okay with flying, it was a bad event until one day ago and that was enough to make her almost go away for life. 

The fear of flying and flying is the same thing. A phobia is sometimes described as an irrational fear. However, a fear of flight is made up of both rational and irrational. From time to time we are all heard of a plane crash with loss of life and this fear is rationalized as to what is happening to you.

It is quite irrational, as it is many, times more dangerous than going around the city, or driving your cars, because it is to fly in an aircraft; People know this, but it still does not calm that irrational fear. Fear of flying can be quite serious.

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