My One-Page Business Plan Template

Many people find running a business a complicated matter. In the same vein, they also struggle in developing a sold business plan. Because of this, a client success story junkie named Marquel Russell made a one page business plan template that he shares to all his students at Client Attraction University.

Client Attraction University

Marquel Russell founded Client Attraction University, a results-based marketing and consulting agency. They are known worldwide for delivering excellent results for investors and their clients. They have already created a lot of solutions for their clients, enabling them to stand out from the competition and establish a solid reputation in their industry. According to Marquel, everything starts with an actionable business plan.

Marquel shares his one page business plan template to inform and give knowledge to those who would like to know the secrets to generating high-quality leads. He recommends this to both new and experienced business owners who might need guidance in creating a business plan.

Who is your dream client?

Marquel emphasizes the importance of identifying your dream client. If you are not working with the client whom you dream of, you might not have the motivation to take your business seriously. In addition, knowing your dream client allows you to deliver quality services according to your client's unique requirements.

What specific problem do you want to solve for your Dream Client?

Every business needs to solve a particular problem. Figuring out what this problem is helps you find the gap in the market which your business can fill.

What irresistible offer can you give to solve your Dream Client’s problem?

Since you already know the problem that you want to address for your client, it's time to think of an irresistible offer that your client can't resist. This is easier said than done, but going through this process holds the key to offering the best possible service based on what your client looks for. At the same time, this gives you an edge over your competitors as you might be the only one to offer the service your client needs.

What is your lead magnet?

The lead magnet that Marquel is talking about here means what you can give your client for free. In this case, he recommends providing your clients with a link to, which you can do completely for free. He shares that many of his students at Client Attraction University have already benefited from using this tactic, and he's confident that you'll find it useful as well.

What funnel market to use?

A funnel market describes your plans on how to attract targeted customers for your business. In a way, it tells the journey between you and your customer. Marquel suggests using his hot ticket marketing funnel. This type of marketing funnel can be found on his website,

What traffic source to use?

After knowing your funnel market, Marquel says that you should know what traffic source to use. He suggests focusing on one traffic source at first and see how it converts. For example, you can try generating organic traffic through search engine rankings. If you find that the traffic doesn't convert, you can explore other traffic sources such as social media. There's also no reason not to use multiple traffic sources as long as you can monitor all of them and ensure that they're worth your time and effort.

What is your conversion mechanism?

Your conversion mechanism converts potential leads into actual customers. According to Marquel, two mechanisms that have worked well for him and his clients are events and roaming calls.

How do you deliver results for your clients?

For Marquel, the way through which you deliver your services can make a huge difference in terms of attracting repeat customers. This helps you leave a lasting impression on them, enticing your customers to keep coming back and even refer your business to other people.

Creating a business plan has never been easier, thanks to Marquel Russell's one-page business plan template. If you find yourself lost as you try to make one by yourself, feel free to use his template as your guide. It can prove to be the missing puzzle that will finally take your business to the next level.

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