Overview of Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services

A deep kitchen cleaning involves cleaning all large kitchen areas, including ceilings, floors, appliances, prep counters, and walls. The particular focus of this type of kitchen deep cleaning is to reach areas that are not accessible during routine maintenance exercises. 

Dirt and grease collect in the area around the refrigerator and under the stove. Deep Cleaning Service starts with walls and ceilings at a high level, but gradually reaches all hard-to-reach places.

The deep cleaning process in the kitchen

Kitchen deep cleaning services include standard exhaust cleaning techniques. This includes cleaning horizontal or vertical air ducts, and fans. This type of cleaning meets the requirements of the Fire Protection Act and guarantees protection against impending fire in the exhaust system.

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Before cleaning the exhaust air system, all parts of the kitchen are wrapped with new plastic. A plastic funnel is then placed under the lid to drain away dirt, oil, and other unwanted particles.

With the complete method mentioned above, the accumulated fat in the system cannot enter the kitchen drain. The detailed cleaning process uses a combination of washing, chemical degreasing, and vigorous rinsing to remove accumulated grease and grime.

Once the deep cleaning is complete, your hood will be polished and the filter will be reinstalled. The final step in the detail cleaning process is removing the plastic curtains, followed by wiping and cleaning the kitchen floor.

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