Business Label & Sticker Printing: Process Overview

Wynnum printers

Labels and stickers are a great tool for brand representation and brand recall. They are apparently used with all the products we use, big or small. Their use and popularity are widespread among many industries, be it cosmetics, electronics, pharmaceuticals, etc. But how are they actually printed? What procedure is followed to print high-quality, professional-looking labels?  First and foremost, it is decided if the label would be printed using paper or film. A paper label may give a completely different look-and-feel than the one created using film. Remember, both types of labels are important in their own ways. One may be better than the other depending upon the line of products you want to use it for.

Once you have decided on the label stock, the next step in the procedure is printing and converting. In fact, printing and converting are two different steps, where converting follows printing. Printing uses high-resolution images or vectors to print the graphical part of the label using high-quality inks. Make sure you don’t use a low-resolution, pixelated image at this stage. Printing is followed by converting which involves cutting the label as per a specific shape. It may be a die-cut, sheeting, a butt cut, or punch labels. Remember, the conversion of the label is decided well before the label goes into print.

Finally comes the finishing part of the label which mainly decides if the roll label would be wound out or wound in. If you are interested in getting labels printed, you may request printers in Wynnum to give you a complete walk-through of the printing process before or after you place your label printing order with them.