How To Choose Golden Doodles?

As a possible puppy owner, you're confronted with a lot of tough choices. First, you need to narrow down which kind of dog you're likely to get.

Goldendoodles pups are excellent dogs, they're extremely smart, fantastic companions. We're not here to discuss the advantages of Goldendoodles we all are here in order to help you to find a fantastic breeder.

12 Facts About the Goldendoodle

How to choose a good Goldendoodle breeder

Look for references

A reputable Goldendoodle breeder will have a lot of positive references. Look on their website and other places on the web for mentions of their kennel.

You will be surprised by what you find! Of course, with every successful breeder there will be other jealous breeders, so be sure not to take everything you hear as gospel.

Beware of cheap dogs

Good breeders have a lot of costs to cover, they need to pay for good food, vet checks, vaccinations, grooming, and staff to walk their dogs (if they have a large kennel) if your puppy is very cheap then make sure you are not buying from someone who mass produces puppies.

Ask for tests

Good Goldendoodle breeders will do tests on the mother and father to ensure they are not breeding dogs that have known genetic illnesses or diseases that will be passed to the puppies.