What Do You Know About Rodent Control?

Okay, so you thought you had mice in the house. What are you going to do when you go completely crazy? They know you can hear the little mouse's voice so you have to do something about it. What are you doing?

You have several options of professional rodent control services in San Francisco, one, you can summon a rodent killer, pay someone to come and destroy your new furry friend. Second, you can catch the mouse yourself; you may have more than one, so be prepared.

What Do You Know About Rodent Control?

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Now I'm not sure how I feel about mice dying in mousetraps. I have a very bloody picture in my head. I thought I needed a trap, to be more independent. Something I can easily empty and clean up quickly.

So I had to find a way for myself to get rid of mice but humanely. My first choice was to find a way to catch the mouse and do nothing about it. I use an electronic mousetrap. The mousetrap is operated electronically with a battery.

It's a small house with a door that closes behind the mouse when it enters in search of bait. It moves inside the box, touches two metal plates, and thus completes the circuit. Electricity was passed through the mice, killing them quickly and humanely.

Cleaning mouse traps isn't complicated. Open the door, remove the mouse, and reset the trap to catch the next mouse.

The next option is live fishing. They set up the same thing, but without electricity. Your furry diner comes looking for food and the door closes behind him and hugs him tightly until you come and let him into the outside of your house.