Is Endometriosis and Infertility associated with each other?

Endometriosis is a condition that most commonly affects women of childbearing age. It happens when the endometrial tissue, which normally lines the interior of the uterus, develops outside the uterus. This tissue can implant itself in a place within the pelvis and abdomen, or even more infrequently can be located in more remote areas like the epidermis. This tissue can grow in tiny spots, can infiltrate deep into the cells, or may cause cysts inside the ovaries.

The connection between endometriosis and fertilization isn't totally understood. Girls that are proven to have endometriosis normally do take more time to conceive the girl with no diagnosis of this illness. But many women with the disorder don't have trouble conceiving. There's also hardly any proof that miscarriages occur more commonly in women with endometriosis compared to those who don't.

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Endometriosis is famously unpredictable. Some girls have a little range of isolated areas, which might disappear, but some have a more advanced form of the disease which could spread through the whole pelvis.

Endometriosis causes irritation from the surrounding tissues, which could lead to the formation of scar tissues. This scar tissue may lead to the pelvic organs like the uterus along with the gut to bind to another. Some women might have endometriosis using hardly any symptoms, although others might have a more acute presentation.