Brief Information About Reporting Business Intelligence Architect

The famous information system architect in the IT industry. This means experts must be careful with the overall connectivity and performance of the production system and data warehouse. Furthermore, expert knowledge must be based on deep production system functionality and structural knowledge along with business processes. 

The production system must work smoothly with enough data flow to support the normal system function. This is purely the world and process. You can get an efficient Power BI model analyzer that is critical to an efficient, optimized Power BI environment.

On the other hand, the report needs special care, architects must be careful with all the terms of the reporting dimensions are currently built into the company's information system. Must be careful with the world of reporting: management reporting, expert analysis, internal and official reporting, and others. 

Business Intelligence Reporting

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In addition, architects need to be careful with the arbiter and development of reporting in the future. In other words, it will function today’s business intelligence systems in the future with new reporting features and requirements. Will the current system adopt new requirements easily or with a lot of money, humans, time efforts.

Finally, business intelligence architects must have to be careful about magnification and report redundancy of new business requirements. Such experts must also be done:

  • Cancel inappropriate business requirements in the sense of too much effort for a few benefits.
  • Prioritize requirements.
  • Check the requirements and to add missing parts. To complete the requirements.
  • Coordinate reporting efforts.
  • Pandu in the building reporting system.
  • Transfer and translate business requirements for IT language and mindset.
  • Maintaining company performance content is the main task that reported the architect.

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