Dog Box For a Truck

Truck cabin space is usually limited and it is very easy to work with dogs in the cabin while driving. The best solution is to secure the dog crate to the back of the truck and then safely deport the pet into the crate. The following is a simple procedure for building a good and healthy dog crate. You can also find the best "alu (aluminum) dog box" (also known as "alu hundebox in the German language) through the internet.

First, choose a box design. The design depends on the size of the dog and the space available in the tailgate. The box should take up a little space, but at the same time be comfortable for the pet in it. The average box size should be 22 "high, 39" long, and 24 "wide. As for design sources, there are many opinions such as television, the internet, magazines, movies, and more.

After the appropriate design has been selected, the next step is to select building materials. Aluminum is a good choice because it is light. Other metals and hard plastics are also considered good. If wood is to be used, it must be weather resistant. The selected building material must be cut into six pieces, depending on its size.

The box must have adequate ventilation. Small holes should be made on both sides of the box. There must be no holes in the top or bottom of the box, otherwise, water may enter. After the holes are made, the edges should be sanded to avoid injuring pets. There should be a door on one side of the dog crate for pets to enter and exit safely.

Assembling the device is the next step. Welding or screws must be used to assemble the parts. Ensure that the door is properly attached to the crate and can be opened easily for the dog to escape. After installing the box, the outside must be sanded and painted with a new layer.

The dog kennel must be fixed in the loading area with screws. Then the interior space should be comfortable for pets. Dog kennels should be tested without pets. must not move or move even on uneven roads. It should be well ventilated and comfortable. The interior must be carefully inspected and absolutely safe.

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