Effective Screen Design and its considerations

Designing a computer screen is essentially no different than designing a paper form. But since most of today's developers have little experience in forms design perhaps it is time to review some of the basic elements of good design. 

Although the following discussion can be applied to screens as used in some character-based operating systems, it is primarily concerned with Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) as used in today's popular operating systems. You can also get more information about the business intelligence solutions and microsoft flow templates. 

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The Basic three design considerations

1. Layout

The objective here is to make the screen "clean" and consistent. 

When designing your screen, consider eye movement, eye strain and, where appropriate, add magnification. Here are some tips for consideration and i.e Alignment, Flow, Type Fonts, and  Headings. 

2. Data Entry

The proper entry of data is just as important as the physical layout of the screen. Regrettably, many designers take a superficial approach to data collection, and, consequently, a lot of time is spent later on cleaning up data in the database.

3. Support

To minimize user confusion about business intelligence solutions and Microsoft flow templates be sure to include sufficient Help text and messaging facilities on the screen. Again, CUA standards should be observed whenever possible.

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