How Your Business Can Benefit from Secure Remote Desktop

Secure Remote Desktop is a Service which provides an ideal virtual environment for users for remote or mobile work. Our cloud consultants publish your Azure cloud business applications that employees can access from any Internet-connected device.

Employees can access personal applications, files and desktops from any Internet-connected device, including Windows, Apple, and Android laptops, smartphones and tablets. You can also navigate online to get information about managed it services in Houston via

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Employees receive a consistent user experience and work with the latest versions of applications and services. Because Secure Remote Desktop is synchronized between users, your business benefits are enhanced by having secure access through the Microsoft 365 application stack.

The security benefits of a secure remote desktop

Apart from helping employees be productive, Secure Remote Desktop is a great tool for enhancing remote security. Here are the ways Secure Remote Desktop can help your users work safely:

A safer environment for BYOD

Secure Remote Desktop provides employees with a secure way to access cloud applications and corporate resources from unmanaged devices

Avoid VPN delays

Secure Remote Desktop is a highly scalable cloud solution so your employees can work in real time and react to tasks.

Access to identity

Access corporate identity tools in the cloud. Your IT team can manage user access, protect endpoints, and identify potential threats.

Isolate Cyber Threats

With Virtual Network, you can securely connect to data centers or devices in your location and isolate virtual machines from suspicious traffic and users.

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