Lawn Aeration Service – Why and When Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

Although most people have heard of ventilation services, few know when and how often to air their lawns.

Of course, most people cut and shape their grass, and some fertilize and even care for their lawn chemically, but very few are aware of the benefits of lawn aeration. You can also hire the best core aeration service through the internet.

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As you walk, and use your lawn, it gets thicker. This thickening from daily use protects your lawn from getting certain nutrients that will help it grow and eventually become luxurious, green, and healthy.

Ventilation is good for a healthy and beautiful lawn and is an essential part of proper lawn maintenance.

When and how often should you air your lawn?

In general, you should take care of your lawn twice a year. The first ventilation of the year should take place between early spring and early summer, the second service should take place in the fall between August and October at the latest. However, this may vary depending on property conditions and soil type.

Depending on where you live, you will likely have a different type of land. Lawn care will vary depending on the situation. A professional lawn/yard aeration company can help you determine what type of lawn aeration is required for your land.

For example, if you have clay, your lawn may need to aerate more often because it is usually denser and requires additional maintenance. The opposite is true in sandy soils, as they allow more air to flow through the ground. In addition to the region in which you live, conditions can affect your need for these services.

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