Things To Know About Line marking

Linet marking materials consist of thermoplastic paint, cold solvent paint and marking tapes. Thermoplastic paint and cold solvent paint are the most common materials for line marking. Pavement tapes, a new marking method is widely used in urban road construction. You can hire a road marking agency via online resources.

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Thermoplastic paint is the most commonly used materials for line marking. It has advantages of long life on heavy traffic roads, quick set time, good night time visibility and excellent durability. 

However, it requires specialized installation equipment, which increases the initial cost of the whole road marking project. Pavement surface condition is an important factor that affects the performance of thermoplastic application.

Advantages of permanent road marking tapes:

  • Easily installed without special marking machines.
  • It is durable. It provides 5 to 8 years of service life depending on the traffic environment.
  • High retro-reflectivity. The reflective level is as well as thermoplastic paint.
  • Environment friendly. Little damage to the local environment and workers.

Line marking tapes are of two types temporary and permanent. The main materials are flexible polymer, synthetic rubber and thermoplastic paint and so on.

Removable tapes can be utilized in street constructions as temporary markets. They can be set to move the paths. Toward the finish of the developments or inside a half year, they can be pulled out off the surface without using heat, solvents, or machines. Temporary marking tapes are ideal for short term applications.

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