Using a Messenger Bot to Manage Communications With Your Team

Having a Messenger Chat Bot is much like having a personal assistant. You can program the bot to do your bidding and then you can let it be! It is pretty much a win-win situation.

If you've never used a chatbot for Messenger, here's what I did. I set up a chat with myself that said "Do you know me?" The Facebook Messenger Bot was created in Java, and it could ask and answer questions. I had the chatbot chat back to me for input as well as answers.

I did this at first just for fun to see how well it worked, but then the chat started getting serious. It could ask for suggestions and also give suggestions.

After about two weeks of using it, it became more than a simple chat helper and ended up becoming my personal assistant. I could take a question or proposal and send it back right away. I could also request information from someone, and if the person didn't want to provide it, I could accept that as a no and it would go away. The chatbot kept a record of all of its past conversations and delivered a suggested answer when a similar request came up in the future.

Now, you may be thinking, "Why not just use Messenger?" The basic Messenger chat feature is very similar, but we can apply this type of automated interaction to our other channels. It makes it so much easier to manage communications across all channels.

For example, I built a messaging assistant chatbot that would send me short, typed messages, like when I got a message, or asked the boy to tell me who it was that sent me an email. This is a great way to relay information without reading the whole message first. Also, it's great for answering repetitive questions I have about something.

It has many other uses, and I even have a few other bots that I program to do different things. They are a little bit different from the first but since I'm designing them to have specific tasks that they perform, rather than being a general chat helper that goes through any type of messages.

In addition to the chatbot, I also built a platform for more advanced Messenger users to interact. It's basically a dummy website, but it can tell me any topic it wants. If I tell it to ask me a question about the weather, it will go through every question that mentions the weather, so I don't have to keep going back and forth asking the same question.

Chatbots are all over the internet, some are extremely good and some are downright horrible. It's a rare occasion that a chatbot is good and informative and with one or two exceptions, doesn't make fun of people.

The chatbot was so useful to me, that I was able to move on to a regular job, working from home and without the need for office furniture. Now, I've been there, done that, and know what it's like to have a boss to go to deal with.

But, I've also done that, and it was much less hassle than having to go to an office, schedule meetings and have to talk to people who were dressed in business suits and speaking with accents. It was much more convenient and quicker to go to the office, and then back home to work on my computer.

The Messenger Bot is able to be fully configured and programmed with minimal effort, it will go to the site it's designed for, and if it finds a topic to discuss, it will start to answer questions and give suggestions. And I'm able to control who has access to the information, as well as alter the settings of the bot to make it my personal assistant.

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