Improve Your Quality of Life With Macular Degeneration Vision Aids

For anyone who's residing with progressive loss of vision, you will find macular degeneration products that may enhance your everyday life. Roughly two million individuals in the USA are affected by complex age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

AMD is a vision disorder characterized by impairment of the macula which results in central vision loss. Women and men who've AMD maintain their outside eye-sight, but encounter difficulty concentrating on items right in front of them. If you are looking for elmiron eye law firm then you can visit: Eye Lawsuits – Elmiron Vision Loss Claim

Studies haven't yet revealed for certain what causes AMD. Nevertheless, there are lots of risk factors. The risk variables involve smoking tobacco or cigars, aging, female or male (women have a slightly higher risk), family history, higher cholesterol levels, and potentially absorption of ultraviolet and visible light.

Improve Your Quality of Life With Macular Degeneration Vision Aids

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Loss of concentrated central eye-sight can make it difficult to read or achieve daily routines. There are lots of high-tech macular degeneration vision aids meant to assist individuals with an eye-sight reduction to conserve their self-sufficiency and significantly boost their quality of living. Macular degeneration vision aids that magnify text and make reading and viewing items comfier comprise eye-glasses, telescopes, and handheld and desktop digital magnifiers.

Desktop magnifiers can be found either with normal LCD or high profile (HD) displays. The advantage of an HD display is the clear crisp picture will make it feasible to browse on a decrease magnification degree, while watching a broader field of view and also requiring less left/right motion. Desktop CCTV magnifiers can aid those experiencing bad eyesight to view correspondence, read the newspaper, write tests, analyze prescription bottles, see photos, and execute jobs.