Maintaining a Swimming Pool throughout the Year

Routine maintenance of the pool is important to ensure that it can be used all year round. While the cleanup is the starting point of all pool maintenance, different procedures throughout the year.

Spring – One of the most important times of the year for the maintenance of the pool is spring. The weather is getting warmer and the pool began to be used occasionally. Throughout the spring, the full and intense cleaning to be done, including vacuuming the floor and thoroughly wash the tile with the right pieces of equipment.  You can use pool covers to maintain your swimming pool easily. You can visit to know more about the swimming pool covers.

Summer – The busiest time for the pool is, without doubt, the summer. The weather is warm, the days are long and it makes a break from the hustle or bustle of everyday life to relax in a pool of water.

As the majority of initial maintenance should be carried out in the spring, maintaining the pool during the summer is a relatively easy process. Every morning and evening every unwanted object, such as insects or leaves, should be removed from the water and chemical levels should be checked regularly, adding the right chemicals to ensure that the remains of water at an acceptable pH level.

Autumn – Pool use generally starts off tailor the entire autumn, despite regular use is still visible, especially in early autumn. Similar to summer, autumn maintenance should involve regular checkups and maintain the chemical levels in the water, as well as a daily wipe of the leaves and insects.

As autumn is the time of year when the trees begin to lose their leaves, it is often useful to invest in a skimmer or a net, which can be used to remove large amounts of unwanted items from the top of the pool in the easy mode.

Winter – Because of the cold weather, but the swimming pool is heated and indoors, it will be very rarely used regularly, if at all, during the winter. While it might be the easiest time of year as a whole for the maintenance of the pool will not be used, to prepare for winter can be very labor-intensive.