Understanding Healthcare Worker Radiation Protection

Although the use of radiation by healthcare professionals is often important in identifying certain problems required for quality patient care, there is no doubt that prolonged radiation exposure can cause serious health problems for healthcare professionals. 

Remember that anyone who is continuously exposed to these emissions should wear protective clothing to reduce this health risk. You can also get the best radiation protection in diagnostic radiology via https://med-phys.com/services/radiation-safety/.

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Commonly used radiation and its risks

Many employees in research laboratories, clinics, dental practices, nursing homes, and hospitals are involved in the work which uses radiation. This includes doctors, nurses, dentists, researchers, and assistants for each of them. 

While there are certainly many devices that emit radiation in these facilities, the most commonly used are X-ray machines. While no one denies that X-rays are very useful in treating patients, but their continuous and prolonged exposure to their radiation has been shown to cause serious health problems, including skin burns, cataracts, thyroid damage, tumors, and even cancer.

Protective equipment for healthcare workers exposed to radiation

Fortunately, protective equipment is readily available to healthcare professionals who are constantly dealing with radiation-emitting devices. Because lead is so effective at protecting against radiation, many of these devices contain it. 

In addition, most of the protective equipment worn by health care professionals, including lead glasses, thyroid protectors, lead vests, and lead aprons.